@MMAforMoney This website is named after the legendary Las Vegas handicapper, Jason Tauriello. Jason has worked in the sports betting industry for the last 18 years. He started working in the industry back in 1999, for the first ever sports handicapping information website/forum, TheRX. He was a pioneer at the time, as he was the first & only MMA Handicapper on the sports handicapping forums, at that time. The original owner of TheRX, Ken Weitzner, started his career as a runner for the best sports handicapper in Las Vegas history, Billy Walters, before opening his revolutionary website. Ken recognized the skills of Jason, and took him under his wing, by not only helping him improve on his handicapping abilities, but also by introducing him to many of his influential contacts in the industry. After Ken sold TheRX, Jason continued his career in the sports handicapping industry by becoming a beta tester for SBR on their mySBR/SBROdds product. He then opened his own website, which became the 4th ranked sports handicapping website in the world (only behind Covers, SBR, and TheRX) in only 2 years time. Jason also worked on the ‘other side of the counter’ for quite a few years as an MMA/Boxing Oddsmaker & Consultant for a large offshore sportsbook in Costa Rica. In 2008, Jason closed his sports handicapping forum, which in it’s time, helped many handicappers get paid, by being a mediator in dispute resolutions between the customer and the Sportsbook. After Jason closed the site, he moved to Las Vegas full-time, to continue his career as a professional sports handicapper. It was also around this time that he recognized the future of social media (by reaching a lot of people at one time), and he created a Twitter account, in order to give back to the handicapping community, by providing numerous winners completely free of charge, which he still does to this day. Jason has also appeared on numerous radio shows & podcasts, including being interviewed by John Kelly, host of “The Stardust Line”, the legendary Las Vegas radio show which interviewed a “Who’s Who” of famous names in the Sports Betting Industry during It’s infamous 20+ year run. In July 2017, due to his reputation & experience in the industry, Jason was asked to join the Advisory Board for Wagerr, a revolutionary new Blockchain Betting Network, which he is very excited about. Shortly thereafter, in October 2017, Jason was promoted to the Director of Operations for the Wagerr brand.

@ASH1MMA – Travis has an insatiable love for MMA, which started when he was 12 years old. He got dragged to Marco Ruas’ MMA gym even before he grew hair on his chest, by his late brother, who was a Martial Artist. Travis, a California kid through & through, is a lifelong Angels & Lakers fan. He is a proud father to his son TJ. He started his handicapping career in 2004, due to his love of sports, and has been honing his skills ever since. A true ‘student of the game’, Travis tries to learn and absorb everything he reads about the sports betting industry. Being mentored by MMAforMoney for the last 9 years has seriously helped his improvement and growth in the industry, as he continues to improve as a sharp sports handicapper. As the host of The MMAforMoney Radio Show, Travis utilizes his passion of MMA, Betting Industry knowledge that he’s learned from MMAforMoney throughout the years, and the skills he was taught when he earned his degree as a Sound Engineer.

@HYFRitsJimmy Jimmy, aka ‘TTplaya’ as he is most known by online hold-em regulars, is a poker player first, and a handicapper second. He has been playing poker since before he could drive. While playing around the underground poker clubs in Houston, he came across bookies and realized that sports betting was nowhere near as easy as taking money off of middle-aged accountants. Like everything, failure early on as a handicapper, drove him to work harder in his endeavor to succeed long term. While still considering himself an amateur in the sports betting realm; having Jason, and other mentors, has helped him be more acute with his picks. He spent 18 months living out his dream in Las Vegas at the age of 23, before moving back home to Houston. “I realized I could do everything I wanted to do in Houston which gives me a stable foundation.” He still plays poker about 50 hours a week, a true grinder, while maintaining his love of sports betting ranging from football to MMA to soccer to tennis. He uses his degree in accounting (following in his parents footsteps) and love of math & statistics to continue to improve his handicapping every year. As a lover of vigorous debate, math, and sports, he naturally found a home under the wing of a seasoned and talented sports handicapper, MMAforMoney. He will be MMAforMoney.com’s Lead Editor as well as our very own Knish, grinding out a style of life that most people would not choose.

@MMAGangster A multi-sports fan since a very young age, Gabriel has practiced several combat sports such as Kung Fu, Karate and Taekwondo. His love for MMA began in 2008, after watching a season of “The Ultimate Fighter” and old videos of Pride FC. Born and raised in Peru, he is also a big fan of soccer, which he has been betting since mid 2010. However, it took until late 2012 when he decided to translate his fight predictions into actual handicapping. In 2014, he started following legendary MMA Handicapper, Jason Tauriello, also known as @MMAforMoney, who he considers his mentor to this day. Gabriel specializes himself in prop betting, and enjoys finding value as a trader on the live betting markets at all of the Euro books.