1.) 5 Dimes

Bet at 5dimes

This is the best sportsbook that you can sign up for and my personal favorite! Hands down! They were established in 1999, and they’re a tremendous book that welcomes both large and small players! They have sizable limits for professional players and awesome bonuses for the recreational player! Not only do they offer a big variety of betting lines, but they originate in-house at 5-Dimes, they’re not copied from other sportsbooks. They also have more betting options and lines than any other sportsbook online AND in Las Vegas, which is not an easy feat! They also have super-fast payouts! Honestly, what more can you ask for?

5Dimes is known for having hard to find lines outside of the US’ Top 4 (Baseball, Football, Basketball & Hockey) like MMA, boxing, tennis, golf, soccer, cricket, rugby, volleyball, & many other sports (and entertainment options) that other sportsbook’s catering to the US customer decline to offer. That’s not to say that they don’t have tons of odds for the “Big 4″, as well! They offer more alternative baseball run lines than any other book, more puck lines than any other book, and they have the most Super Bowl options if you’re a fan of football! They have lots of prop bets for boxing & mma, you can bet on a fighter winning by KO/TKO, by decision, what round they’re going to win in, and much more! Dimes even offers live betting, which means if you’re watching a UFC fight without any action, and want to get a bet in after you watched the 1st round, you can do that! Bottomline, this sportsbook offers the largest variety of odds on sporting events for leagues and organizations from around the world.

5Dimes also offers players many casino gaming options like blackjack, let it ride poker, stud poker, pai gow, roulette, craps, video bingo, keno, numerous slot machine options, and much more inside of their ‘Bonus Casino’. 5Dimes also offers a LIVE casino which is just like sitting down at a casino in Las Vegas or Atlantic City, and conversating with the dealer and players next to you! They also offer a NEW state of the art downloadable casino application called “The Grand Casino” where you can play whenever you want without having to log into a website.

2.) DSI

BetDSI has been in the business for over 14 years, having originally opened in 1998. I know some people worry about sending their funds offshore, but this is hands down one of the most financially secure sportsbooks that you can choose. They are owned by a major corporation that also owns other major businesses in the sports betting industry. Not to mention, DSI is just as secure technologically as they are financially. They’re housed in a state-of-the-art facility along with Bookmaker, yet they maintain their own identity, independent lines and bonus structure.

One of the things that player’s love about this sportsbook is that their customer service is not only helpful and friendly, but that they’re available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, both through LiveChat and on the telephone. Because DSI is a sportsbook that’s run around the clock, with clerks and managers being available 24/7, they’re known for their immediate grading of wagers on anything from MMA to Boxing to Tennis and everything in between.

Not only do they offer tons of lines on various different sports, a great casino with numerous options, but they also offer office pools, a poker room, horse wagering and skill games. With that said, one would worry that this might be a gimmicky book, but it’s not…They offer very high deposit limits (up to $100,000) and wagering limits ($20,000+). That’s why this book comes in #2 on my list of the best sportsbooks for MMA, and all around.

3.) BetOnline


BetOnline originally opened up as BestLineSports in Costa Rica in 2001, but moved to Panama in July of 2004, becoming only the 2nd sportsbook in the country. They continued to build up their business, and in 2006 they moved into a brand new high-tech facility where they employ over 300 people. Soon after, they purchased BetOnline Sportsbook, which included the domain name ‘’. This book has decently high limits for the more professional sports bettor, and they have one of the most creative marketing departments when it comes to offering new and exciting promotions for the smaller player.

BetOnline has an excellent staff, this is known throughout the offshore sports betting industry. If you were opening a new book of your own, you would try to steal employees from BetOnline, that’s a fact! They employ one of the best sportsbook managers in the industry, and put customer service above everything else. They go as far as making every wagering clerk and service agent take training classes which are based on being educated on the sports betting industry and being polite to the customer. They must pass a test after the training classes conclude. This is how they maintain the best customer service in the business.

They have recently been funneling money into upgrading their website. Last year, they rolled out one of, if not the best, live wagering software in the business. And in September of 2013, they just introduced state of the art mobile wagering software. You have to love a sportsbook that doesn’t “get comfotable” after 11 years in the industry, but they still strive to improve even after being one of the best books out there.

4.) JustBet

JustBet started out as a smaller sportsbook in 1996, out of Costa Rica under the name Tradewinds. They’ve continued to evolve, have come a long way since then, and their management is known for running a tight ship. They’re still US bettor friendly with a very good track record for security and support. They have a very nice website, almost “flashy, and they also have very friendly customer service (notice a theme here? LOL!).

I wouldn’t recommend them as much to the professional player, but they’re a very solid book for the recreational player. One of the very cool features that they offer, in my opinion, is that JustBet offers 10% cash back on your net loses every six months. You need to play at least 20 out of 26 weeks during the period to qualify for this bonus but it is paid as cash rather than a free play. How cool is that if you run cold for a few months!?