Care to Wagerr on Mayweather/McGregor!?

First and foremost, the whole team at Wagerr wants to thank everyone from the MMAforMoney Community for signing up for our ICO, and supporting our project! Without you guys, Wagerr wouldn’t be the success that it is today! We are very proud of our community, and wanted to give back to everyone by offering a fun event on August 26th to highlight the Fight of the Century between Floyd Mayweather & Conor McGregor!

Before we get into that, let me explain to those who are still unfamiliar with the Wagerr project, what exactly it is…

Wagerr is a decentralized sportsbook that brings trustless sportsbetting to the entire world. Due to its strict use of Application Specific Smart Contracts (ASSC) and 2nd layer network controlled by Oracle Masternodes, Wagerr solves the security, scaling and incentive issues that have plagued smart contracts since their inception. Additionally, Wagerr combines leaps in technical design with an economic linkage that creates a deflationary, and self regulating economy. Through decentralized governance and contract fees, structural mechanisms balance Wagerr’s token value by dynamically adjusting supply based on the current exchange rate and betting volume within the Wagerr network. Wagerr does this all while avoiding single points of failure and implementing a network and system that is fully decentralized.

Now, why is this so important, and what does it mean for the Sports Betting Industry? First of all, there is no single point of failure. Wagerr is not a website or an application, it’s a network powered by over 2000 servers in 100+ different countries. You can take the website down, a rogue government can try to outlaw it, the whole team can die in a horrific plane crash, etc…And not only is your money safe, but you will still be able to place a Wagerr. There’s no book’s closing up shop and taking your winnings, or booting you for winning too much. You’re not taking a chance wiring your money to Estella Gonzalez Menudo Martinez in Costa Rica, there’s no fears of your credit card number getting stolen by some temp employee, you don’t have to wait months to receive a payout, or any of the issues that plague traditional offshore books. This is such a big deal, that a few of the largest offshore sportsbooks in the world, have already contacted Wagerr to enquire about balancing their sheets, since there’s only a 2% transaction fee on winning Wagerr’s! If you can’t beat em, join em!

So, let’s see…

✅ Best odds in the world.
✅ No one oddsmaker or line manager.
✅ No fear of getting robbed.
✅ No fear of getting booted for winning.
✅ No fear of the government stepping in.
✅ No fear of the website “going down.”
✅ Bet on Sports & Events around the world.
✅ Live Betting.
✅ eSports Betting.
✅ You can own a masternode, collect part of “the cut”, and be “the house!”

Seems like a revolutionary, Sports Betting Industry game changer, to me! If I wasn’t selected to be 1 of the 8 members on the Wagerr Advisory Board, due to my experience, accomplishments, and credentials in the Sports Betting Industry, I might’ve even said Wagerr was too good to be true myself!

Wagerr is not launching until late Q4 of 2017. However, you can still invest in the company, and prepare to get enough tokens to own your masternode, at this time. But a revolutionary, industry disrupting, sports betting network takes time to build. The team at Wagerr has spent close to a year so far on planning & development! Luckily, we’re close to launching! For more information on the Wagerr Network, their full 34 page 100% transparent business plan (Whitepaper), how to invest, upcoming news, etc… Check out!

Now, onto the August 26th promotion…

As I touched on earlier, the Wagerr team wanted to thank those of you in the MMAforMoney community, and this is our way of showing our appreciation to you guys! Setting up a promotion for the Fight of the Century! Those of you that already purchased Wagerr tokens, it will be very easy to bet on Mayweather/McGregor!

Use your Wagerr-over-Waves tokens to bet.

NOTE: If you still have credits in a account, you must first withdraw your tokens to the Waves Lite wallet (not an exchange!).

Follow these instructions: to withdraw.

✅  Waves Lite ✅

1. Pick your fighter!
2. Send to the address in the pop up window for your fighter, on*
3. Watch the fight!
4. Get paid!

Winners will receive their payout (less fees) at the address from which they sent (so make sure you control that address!)


Follow @wagerrx for exciting tweets about the fight.

Good luck!
The Wagerr Team