Major Changes for NFL 2017 & Beyond

Hey guys, I know you’ve all been wondering what the big announcement was. Some of you are going to be happy, and some of you are not…

As a lot of you guys know, Dad is terminally ill, and my parents have been struggling emotionally & financially. Some of my closer friends know that I’ve been helping to support them for some time now, and it’s been a major undertaking flying back & forth from Las Vegas to NYC, every time there’s a serious issue. It’s also been taking up a lot of my time. More than I ever imagined.

While my handicapping hasn’t suffered, the smaller things have. I’ve had trouble doing my results spreadsheets that you guys have loved. I’ve had trouble responding to everyone with their questions in DM’s & E-Mail’s. And the picks have been released closer & closer to post time.

Coming into this NFL season, I had to make a choice. Whether I was going to quit Twitter & giving out picks altogether, or whether I was going to hire some people to help me. Believe it or not, this was a very tough choice for me. I’ve avoided selling picks for the past 18 years of my career. The word “tout” goes right fuckin through me to this very day, even as more & more true professionals have added some legitimacy to a shady Industry.

I have met some amazing people in this community, people I’m proud to call friends both on & off the app, and I know a lot of you have relied on my picks for the last 18 years, almost 10 years alone here on Twitter. So, I decided to go with the latter option, hire some people to help with the website, and provide everyone with the service they deserve. Not only will you be receiving a Monthly Earnings Report for all of my picks, but you will be receiving SMS Text Alerts (never miss a pick again!), Personalized 1 on 1 Consultation with me, A Private Discussion Board with my team, plus my Cryptocurrency advice! A lot of the things that you guys have personally asked me for over the years!

Also, not that it’s anyone’s business, but I’ve always been 100% honest & transparent about my personal life with you guys, since I’ve been here…I WILL NOT personally be profiting from this endeavor AT ALL. I will continue to live off the money I make from betting on my own picks & my other investments. 50% of the profit from the subscriptions will go back into the website (hires, advertising, new features, content, things for you!) The other 50% will be going to support my parents until dad passes.

For the last 18 years I’ve tried to help anyone I possibly could in this industry. In many more ways besides picks. A lot of you can attest to that. So, if I’ve ever helped you pay your car note for the month, mortgage payment, take your kid to Disney World, etc…And I know there’s been quite a few of you in close to 10 years here on Twitter! I ask that you try out a subscription package, and help my mom & dad in a time of need. It would honestly mean a lot to me. In return, you’ll make money, be a part of a great community, and maybe get some 1 on 1 handicapping tutorials from me!

Love you guys,