2022-23 NFL Regular Season Football Package by MMAforMoney


For the 🏈 SERIOUS FOOTBALL FAN 🏈who wants to make a secondary income stream💰 from betting on football!

This is the 2022-23 NFL REGULAR SEASON Football Package by @MMAforMoney!


*NOTE: MUST USE Proper Money Management!

Along with MMA & NASCAR, FOOTBALL (BOTH College & NFL) has consistently been one of MMAforMoney’s best sports, and a cornerstone of his career since he started in 1999!

The legendary Sportsbook Director, Sportsbook Co-Founder, and former Oddsmaker, utilizes a quantitative analytical approach combining data from statistical models, information from Friends & Colleagues (Vegas & Offshore Oddsmakers/Line Managers/Sportsbook Directors) within the Sports Betting Industry, Professional Betting Groups, and Close Friends & Family Members within the league!

  • 56.4% lifetime win rate on NFL Betting Selections since 1999, specializing in Sides, ML’s, Totals, and Score Margin Prop Bets.
  • Subscribers include former D1 & NFL Athletes, Scouts & Coaching Personnel, Industry Professionals (Current & Former Oddsmakers, Line Managers, Sportsbook Directors), WSOP Main Event Champions, Major DFS Contest Champions, CFA’s, etc…
  • MMAforMoney’s Betting Selections have single-handedly moved lines in Vegas, Offshore, and in Europe, both publicly & privately.

2022-23 NFL Regular Season Package 
(Subscription Length: 09/08/2022 – 01/03/2023)

1.) Every NFL Selection that @MMAforMoney plays!
– Every single pick that @MMAforMoney personally plays during the 2022-23 NFL & NCAAFB REGULAR SEASON(S), respectively, including Sides, ML’s, Totals, Futures, and Prop Plays!

2.) SMS Text Alerts!
– Every single pick texted to your cell phone minutes after @MMAforMoney plays them himself on gameday! Never miss a play again! The MMAforMoney Team puts in hours upon hours of research, week after week, in preparation for, and during football season, so you don’t have to! Winning picks literally hand-fed to you!

3.) Monthly Earnings Report!
– Just like your financial advisor, you’ll receive an organized monthly report of profits & losses, conducted by an independent auditor! Analyze the data to see which plays work for YOU & YOUR BANKROLL!

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