MMAForMoney Ultimate Subscription


The ULTIMATE Package
(Subscription Length: 365 Days)

1.) Every Sport!
– Every single pick that @MMAforMoney personally plays for a FULL YEAR!! UFC, NASCAR, IndyCar, NFL, MLB Playoffs, NBA Playoffs, NHL Playoffs, World Cup, Olympics, Special Events!

2.) Investment Advice!
– As a founder for a leading Blockchain Focused iGaming Product, @MMAforMoney is very knowledgeable in the over ONE TRILLION DOLLAR Cryptocurrency Markets. Get his top upcoming picks and advice! For entertainment purposes only…

3.) SMS Text Alerts!
– Picks texted to your cell phone minutes after @MMAforMoney personally plays them! Never miss a play again!

4.) Personalized 1 on 1 Consultation!
– Your own personal handicapping coach from someone with over 20 years experience in the sports betting industry!

5.) Monthly Earnings Report!
– Just like your financial advisor, you’ll receive an organized monthly report of profits & losses!

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