2022 World Cup Betting Package by MMAforMoney


2022 World Cup Package
(Subscription Length: Expires 12/18/2022)

MMAforMoney has absolutely destroyed international soccer tournaments over his 20+ year career! From the Men’s World Cup, to the Euro Championships, down to the Women’s World Cup, Women’s Euro’s, and even the Men’s & Women’s Olympics Soccer Tournaments!

If you’re looking to cash BIG underdog tickets, THIS is the package for you! MMAforMoney specializes in Win Futures & Exact Score Props, cashing (+1600), (+2200), (+2800), and (+3000) tickets on an average football afternoon! You can sift through @MMAforMoney’s historical tweets, to see FINAL World Cup tallies of 40u, 50u, and even 60 unit tournaments, over the course of less than four weeks time, littered throughout his career! Many other handicappers don’t win 50 or 60 units in a year, nevermind over the course of 3 or 4 weeks, like MMAforMoney has done time & time again!

1.) World Cup futures sent before the tournament begins!
– Not only do you get every single Exact Score Prop pick that @MMAforMoney personally plays during the tournament, but you also get MMAforMoney’s highly coveted World Cup Winner Futures!!

2.) ALL you care about is Football/Soccer? Not a problem!
– Instead of having to sign up for a weekly, monthly, or yearly picks package, @MMAforMoney has decided to offer the WHOLE World Cup Tournament, and ONLY the World Cup Plays, in one easy to purchase package!

3.) SMS Text Alerts!
– Every single pick texted to your cell phone minutes after @MMAforMoney plays them himself! Never miss a play again!

Sign up NOW and SAVE!! 

*NOTE: If you’d prefer to pay in $BTC or $ETH, DM me on Twitter.