What’s The Best Prop To Consider For UFC 205?

There are a lot of interesting and tough fights to predict for tonight’s huge card. A lot of variables and things to consider with each fight from start to finish.

However, one fight that particularly draws my interest is the lightweight fight between Michael Johnson and Khabib Nurmagomedov. Your basic “striker vs. grappler” match up. I would say Khabib is the best grappler that Johnson has faced in his career. Khabib is a high level accomplished sambo wrestler and is excellent with “chain wrestling” as it would be called. It’s nearly impossible to get him off you once he gets a hold of you. For Khabib, Johnson may be the very best striker he has faced. Johnson is incredibly fast with his hands and in-and-out very quickly too to avoid getting hit. Johnson isn’t a great grappler and Khabib isn’t a great striker. Khabib has pretty poor defense, but he will eat shots to get in and get his opponent down. That’s enough evidence for this bet I’m giving. Johnson is a very live dog in this fight too, I believe he’ll need to finish Khabib in the first round in order to secure the win. He won’t win a decision over Khabib who is known for breaking fighters’ down with each takedown and punch thrown. I’d highly consider taking even a small shot on Johnson getting the (T)KO finish for tonight’s prelim fight. Another thing to consider, is when he is an under Johnson always performs and proves his doubters wrong. When he is a favorite, he often gets ahead of himself and automatically thinks he has the win secured. He is currently a (+260) underdog on 5Dimes.


Bet: Michael Johnson Wins By TKO (+475)